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Papa's Burgeria
Papa's Burg
Papa's Burgeria on 01-01-11
avg rating: 5 (of 1 ratings)

In this sequel to the award-winning hit game u201cPapau2019s Pizzeriau201d, youu2019re headed back to the kitchen to run Papa Louieu2019s new burger shop! Youu2019ll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers.
Diner Chef
Diner Chef
Diner Chef on 11-22-10
avg rating: 0 (of 3 ratings)

Your diner is ready to open for business now. and it is time to make all people know you, that you are a great chef, also make some cash!! There are so much kind of food that people will order it. your task is, you have to make them pleased in your cuisine (by completing the amount of target in each level). so that you can continue your diner ..
Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Bre
Bed and Breakfast on 10-23-10
avg rating: 0 (of 4 ratings)

Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game! Serve your customers well, upgrade, make more money, win!
FarmMania on 10-05-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Spend a great time in the country with Anna! Help her to develop an old farm u00abfrom zero to herou00bb and to get an excellent mark from her graduation work. You will not only plant and sell the crops. No way! You'll have the opportunity to bake tasty pies and bread, make warm scarfs and gloves, see your animals growing and many others!
Potion Bar
Potion Bar
Potion Bar on 10-03-10
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Plunge into the captivating world of magic! Make delicious potions with Rainbow spray and Vampire fangs and serve them to fantastic clients. Decorate glasses with wild lotuses and Phoenix feathers. Witness your amazing potions endow incredible power, reverse aging and help get to the secrets of the Universe. Travel world and space, see prophetic ..
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette on 09-28-10
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette Enjoy one hour for free! Download Now Scarlett is back in an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure that's out of this world! Having restored farms and fed people all over the world, the plucky heroine of Farm Frenzy 3 thinks she's done it all. But when she learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made ..
Noodle Shop
Noodle Shop
Noodle Shop on 09-20-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

How good r u with noodles? Run this noodle shop and look after the customers, server 'em up the best noodles in the world.
What's For Dinner? Second Serving
What's For
What's For Dinner? Second Serving on 08-13-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Serve up a second helping of dinner with seven new recipes!
Carnival Tycoon - fastpass
Carnival Ty
Carnival Tycoon - fastpass on 07-25-10
avg rating: 4 (of 1 ratings)

Become the manager of your own carnival. Build attractions, stalls and scenery. Hire staff and keep your guests happy :).
Burger Chef
Burger Chef
Burger Chef on 07-17-10
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

- Build lots of burgers! - Use a big selection of ingredients to build many burgers and give them to customers! - Unlock medals and discover the mysterious "Secret Burger"! - Become the best "Burger Chef"!
Momma's Diner
Momma's Din
Momma's Diner on 04-25-10
avg rating: 0 (of 14 ratings)

A fully-featured time management game! The best food spot in the county is now open for business u2013 itu2019s your job to make it successful!
Pizza Pronto
Pizza Pront
Pizza Pronto on 02-27-10
avg rating: 0 (of 7 ratings)

Help the pizza pronto chef to create the best pizza delivery ever known! Serve your customers with a big smile and ofcourse on time! Buy upgrades for your restaurant and reach the daily goals!
Drink Cafe
Drink Cafe
Drink Cafe on 02-05-10
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

This is a funny prepare and serve game in which you have to accommodate and serve your customers with drinks and cake. Try to become the most popular cafe by reaching your daily goals.
Empire Builder Ancient Eygpt
Empire Buil
Empire Builder Ancient Eygpt on 01-20-10
avg rating: 0 (of 10 ratings)

A Resource Manager game.
Gazzoline Deluxe
Gazzoline D
Gazzoline Deluxe on 12-25-09
avg rating: 0 (of 3 ratings)

Make a fortune running your very own gasoline station!
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office on 11-07-09
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Turn you box office into a huge enterpise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.
Flower ShopKeeper
Flower Shop
Flower ShopKeeper on 08-20-09
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

The shop is yours, mix and match flowers and sell as much as you can.
Little Farm
Little Farm
Little Farm on 08-02-09
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Have a down-home good time at Little Farm, where you'll use your puzzle-solving and matching skills to help The Normans adjust to farm life and grow truck-loads of vegetables!
YoudaSushiChef on 07-30-09
avg rating: 0 (of 3 ratings)

Youda Sushi Chef is a fun time management game. Your main goal is to keep your customers happy and serve them the right dishes in time to reach your daily target. You really have to rely on your memory skills. Extra features like reservations and take away orders coming in constantly keep your adrenaline going. You start your own sushi restaur..
yingbaobao Gas station
yingbaobao Gas station on 07-26-09
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

yingbaobao is back, this time she hoped the baby in the Sakura restaurant of profit earned, to invest in a gas station, of course she has a lot of investment projects, to business! Gas station just her first two goals, in order to build business-type yingbaobao several series of project objectives, she will do right to the gas station run yingbao..
Virtual Farm
Virtual Far
Virtual Farm on 07-24-09
avg rating: 3.7 (of 4 ratings)

Old MacDonald had a farm. Now you can, too, in Virtual Farmer, the game that puts you in charge of turning a struggling farm into a booming success! Choose your crops, till your ground, water your fields, harvest your produce and take your goods to market. Once there, you get to set the price! You'll have to keep a close eye on demand, though. Ea..
Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp on 07-12-09
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. Youda Baby Blimp is a highly addictive Priority management game. You are the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible. Keep track of your achievements on a map that shows you your upcoming as well as your overall objectives...
KinderGarten on 07-11-09
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

You might have babysat once or twice in your life, but have you ever thought of running an entire day care center? We bet you haven't! Kindergarten is a fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game were you play Mila, the super sweet owner of the day care center. You have to help Mila take care of the babies that get dropped off by the..
Kelly Summer Jobs
Kelly Summe
Kelly Summer Jobs on 07-06-09
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Kelly has her hands full working 4 part-time jobs and needs your help! Help her bake fresh breads, groom cute pets, style hair and create tasty ice cream treats! You'll have full days and save up mega bucks working Kelly's Summer Jobs!
Youda Marina
Youda Marin
Youda Marina on 07-04-09
avg rating: 0 (of 5 ratings)

Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game all rolled into one. It offers you sun and fun each time you play! Be creative with your exotic harbor and have fun managing it is everyday problems- just the way you want to! You will be the harbor master, responsible for keeping all your Marina visitors happy. And happy visitors..
7SeasEstates on 05-19-09
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Your aim is to invest your money on small houses at a least cost and sell them when they rise in value, and finally purchase a mansion.
Airport Mania: First Flight
Airport Man
Airport Mania: First Flight on 04-12-09
avg rating: 0 (of 5 ratings)

Pack your bags for a trip through the skies in Airport Mania! Travel through amusing airports while you land a variety of planes, earn upgrades, and avoid delays. Stay on your toes as some planes carry precious cargo and will need to land in a hurry, while others might need a trip to the repair shop. But, with good planning, you'll make it to the..
Pizza King 2
Pizza King
Pizza King 2 on 04-04-09
avg rating: 3.3 (of 3 ratings)

The new and improved popular restaurant management game. New improvement include more auto features, beverage machine, a mini-game, takeout order hotline, etc.
Evolution on 03-23-09
avg rating: 5 (of 2 ratings)

grow bugs, look after them, breed them, buy them, sell them and create the ultimate bug.
Now Boarding: Episode 1
Now Boardin
Now Boarding: Episode 1 on 03-16-09
avg rating: 0 (of 5 ratings)

Create calm from chaos in a busy airport. Get your passengers to the correct destination before they freak out!!
Foodcart Scratch
Foodcart Sc
Foodcart Scratch on 03-08-09
avg rating: 1.5 (of 2 ratings)

Serve food from your foodcart to your customers
Extreme Florist
Extreme Flo
Extreme Florist on 03-07-09
avg rating: 1 (of 1 ratings)

To Valerie Valentine, flower delivery is serious business.
Valentine's Shop
Valentine's Shop on 03-07-09
avg rating: 2 (of 1 ratings)

When you're a chocolate-shop owner named Valentine, Feb 14 is your time to shine! Click the chocolate machine, flavor, and shape and drag on decorations. Click an item and customer to deliver it. Buy upgrades with your tips!
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy 2 on 03-01-09
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little "fowl play" when it's Farm Frenzy 2. The all-new sequel will keep you busy throughout the dog days of summer and long after the harvest!
Robinson Hotel
Robinson Ho
Robinson Hotel on 02-27-09
avg rating: 1 (of 1 ratings)

You are Miss Cathy, the manager at the Robinson Hotel. Your goal is to meet each day's objectives by satisfying your customers.

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