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Jugglers on 06-03-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Play alone or with a friend and see how long you can keep juggling!
Space is Key 2
Space is Ke
Space is Key 2 on 05-30-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

You wanted more, now you've got it! Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness! Repair your space bar, as it's going to be a bumpy ride! Once you're done jumping through the original 20 levels, why not throw yourself in the deep end with 10 levels in challenge mode?! But remember, Space is Key.
Zombowling on 05-09-12
avg rating: 1 (of 1 ratings)

Stop the zombies before they get out of the graveyard by shooting bowling balls of the same color!
Escape from the darkness
Escape from
Escape from the darkness on 05-08-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

You have to escape from the monster of darkness cursed city. You can escape the attack of monster by going into the light when the streetlight is turned on. The level is higher, the flickering speed of streetlight is faster so concentrate your attention on escaping.
selFish on 04-21-12
avg rating: 0 (of 4 ratings)

Be SelFish, yes be the most selFish fish in the pond. SelFish is a fun puzzle skill game. You play as a small gray fish. Go through many levels, eating smaller fish to become the biggest fish around. If you are too small and decide to eat a bigger fish, you will be the one to get eaten. This game starts out easy, but becomes much harder as you ge..
Bristlies on 04-20-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Help Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, just restart a level several times and skip level button will appear.
Monkey GO Happy 3
Monkey GO H
Monkey GO Happy 3 on 05-17-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Monkey GO Happy is back again! This time with another monkey to please!
Pixel Explorer
Pixel Explo
Pixel Explorer on 05-07-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Go to the pixel world, control the time, examine your enemies and take their treasures! u201cPixel Exploreru201d is an original game, which combines action and logic games genres. You come from the world of balls. Your speciality is spying pixels, the biggest enemy of your kind. The war between balls and pixels has started long ago, but now..
Anbot 2
Anbot 2
Anbot 2 on 05-06-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Anbot is back! His girl has been kidnapped and Anbot has been thrown into a wrecker. Help Anbot escape and get his girl back in this action point and click game!
Get The Treasure - Part I
Get The Tre
Get The Treasure - Part I on 04-21-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Evil pirates have stolen your treasure - shoot your way through 20 levels to get it back in this easy-to-learn physics-based web game. * 20 total levels * Unlockable pirate outfits and pirate ship upgrades * Upgrade your cannon with multiple powers * In-Game level editor included - Build and share your own levels
Push and Pull
Push and Pu
Push and Pull on 04-14-11
avg rating: 0 (of 3 ratings)

A timing based action puzzle game that sends you flying through razor sharp blades to find the love you lost. Sometimes it will seem obvious. Sometimes it will be hard. Just remember that there will always be a way.
Submachine 7: the Core
Submachine 7: the Core on 04-13-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Explore the submachine universe the way you never imagined possible. In this installment we travel to the Core, the center place of the whole structure. Nothing can prepare you for what you'll see there.
Mi Adventures
Mi Adventur
Mi Adventures on 04-06-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Mi's are attracted to the shiny Stellar Crystals. Your goal is to help the Mi's collect them all!
Monty Python's Camelot Smashalot
Monty Pytho
Monty Python's Camelot Smashalot on 04-05-11
avg rating: 0 (of 5 ratings)

Catapult livestock, Holy Hand Grenades and Trojan Rabbits at the fiendish French fortresses! Camelot Smashalot is just one of a plethora of extremely silly games that are featured in Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Games, a new Social Network Game that allows fans of the classic comedy troupe to explore the startling world of the Monty Python..
Girado on 04-01-11
avg rating: 1 (of 1 ratings)

Throw boomerangs and try to attain your targets. Try to beat the clock and become an expert boomerang thrower. You can adjust your curve to complete complex throws. Have fun!
Fox'n'Roll Pro
Fox'n'Roll Pro on 03-30-11
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Fox and Roll are back! 30 brand new levels for you to solve in this removal physics game.
Crush The Castle 2
Crush The C
Crush The Castle 2 on 03-19-11
avg rating: 3 (of 2 ratings)

Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest m..
The Outpost
The Outpost
The Outpost on 03-19-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

An exciting defense game that puts the player in control of an outpost under attack by mysterious invaders. The outpost expands every level and new structures are unlocked but beware: new and more powerful Invaders will arrive as well!
Mass Mayhem 2
Mass Mayhem
Mass Mayhem 2 on 03-18-11
avg rating: 5 (of 1 ratings)

Kill evil clans with your weapons arsenal, create explosive combos and finish them with your kamikaze bomb! Collect points, unlock achievements and create havoc!
William Tell
William Tel
William Tell on 03-17-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Become the next William Tell in this fun skill based puzzle game.
Puchee on 03-16-11
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Help the main character to collect other mini's.
Nuclearoids on 03-15-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Blast your way through Nuclearoids world, where explosions come in various shapes and sizes!
Zombie Trailer Park
Zombie Trai
Zombie Trailer Park on 03-11-11
avg rating: 4 (of 4 ratings)

Zombies have taken over and destroyed the Metropolis - luckily you were never much for city folk. But now the zombies have turned their sights on your trailer park! Manage your economy and train fighting units to defend your trailer park. Gather "Yee-Haw" power to activate super weapons. Submit and share your best stage times with your friends. H..
Isoball 3
Isoball 3
Isoball 3 on 03-07-11
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

The third installment of the smash hit puzzle series, Isoball 3 contains 75 new levels to test your skills, as well as 6 sandbox stages, 9 trophies, a brand new look and several unique block types to challenge you in many new ways.
Tuboids on 03-06-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Tubiods is a colorful game of puzzle with swim tubes in water.
Flaming Zombooka 2
Flaming Zom
Flaming Zombooka 2 on 03-05-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Zombie bazooking time has returned, now with more weapons, more gore, more ways to kill zombies, and a choice of character.
Ricochet Kills 2
Ricochet Ki
Ricochet Kills 2 on 03-04-11
avg rating: 0 (of 6 ratings)

Kill all your enemies with your gun by making a perfect angle and by taking a right shot.
Crusade 2
Crusade 2
Crusade 2 on 03-03-11
avg rating: 0 (of 3 ratings)

After the succesfull game crusade. We now bring crusade 2! You also can create your own levels and share them with your friends
Deep Trip
Deep Trip
Deep Trip on 03-02-11
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Take a deep trip! Ambient underwater soft-survival match puzzle.Match colorful jellyfish to get oxygen! Play to relax and concentrate.
Ever Rising Water
Ever Rising
Ever Rising Water on 02-28-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will raise water level! So Keep it balanced and keep scoring. Game also features many Achievements, Power ups and a Challenge mode.
Milo Physics
Milo Physic
Milo Physics on 02-28-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

In this challenging physics based puzzle and skill game you must drop the objects and use the ball to collect all the stars. There are 36 levels and 2 bonus levels for the most skillful players.
Anbot on 02-25-11
avg rating: 0 (of 2 ratings)

Help Anbot escape the factory in this action packed point and click game!
Doodle Devil
Doodle Devi
Doodle Devil on 02-24-11
avg rating: 5 (of 1 ratings)

Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. And now you have to aid Doodle Devil in destruction of everything. Youu2019ve already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you donu2019t know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and t..
Frozen Imps
Frozen Imps
Frozen Imps on 02-23-11
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Shoot at the blocks to remove them and make the frozen imps fall into the fire.
Blow Things Up
Blow Things
Blow Things Up on 02-22-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Blowing things up is fun! Blow up 42 exciting and challenging levels in this physics based game. Try to knock the bad guys off their perches and save the good guys but don't worry if you don't, it's all good! It just means you get to blow it all up again!

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