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Jugglers on 06-03-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Play alone or with a friend and see how long you can keep juggling!
Space is Key 2
Space is Ke
Space is Key 2 on 05-30-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

You wanted more, now you've got it! Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness! Repair your space bar, as it's going to be a bumpy ride! Once you're done jumping through the original 20 levels, why not throw yourself in the deep end with 10 levels in challenge mode?! But remember, Space is Key.
Escape from the darkness
Escape from
Escape from the darkness on 05-08-12
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

You have to escape from the monster of darkness cursed city. You can escape the attack of monster by going into the light when the streetlight is turned on. The level is higher, the flickering speed of streetlight is faster so concentrate your attention on escaping.
Sprintomous on 01-28-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Ready to sprint ? Sprintomous is a one button reflex racing game, with some puzzle areas. To perform well, you'll need to go fast, think fast and use your best reflexes. To move, click the mouse just when your hero is over a checkpoint (and keep pressed to use the turbo grip). There are 5 modes : training, time, combo, switch and multi pl..
Antenna Worm
Antenna Wor
Antenna Worm on 01-13-11
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Antenna Worm is a lovely game! cheat: When the pendulum swing,input: "P1F":Increase props; "Pelephone":Increase the potential for point.
Tribal Olympics
Tribal Olym
Tribal Olympics on 12-22-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Use your mouse to control your bone and bat the skulls as far as you can to score the highest distance.
Feed The King
Feed The Ki
Feed The King on 12-16-10
avg rating: 5 (of 1 ratings)

Feed the King is a fun and simple, yet very addicting game. Your goal is to stack cakes as high as you can while avoiding obstacles! Once you've reached as high as you can go, it's time to control the king and eat as many of the stacked cakes as possible! The game has several features such as combos, items & powerups, upgrades, achieveme..
Mad Dog
Mad Dog
Mad Dog on 11-15-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Fireworks Fantasy
Fireworks F
Fireworks Fantasy on 10-16-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

- Make perfect fireworks by firing same color shapes with music and rhythm! - More accuracy give you more scores. - Unlock new songs by finish level with more than 50% success rate. - Play challenge mode to submit your high scores.
Bring It!
Bring It!
Bring It! on 09-27-10
avg rating: 4 (of 1 ratings)

Dance to the beat and bring your skills to the dancefloor, beach and the street! Choose your character, the place to be and how hot you can handle it. Tell me... can you Bring It! ?
I Love Traffic
I Love Traf
I Love Traffic on 08-25-10
avg rating: 0 (of 1 ratings)

Send all cars from all directions through the intersection! Guide speeding cars through increasingly busy intersections and avoid collisions. Get the required number through each level to move on! Levels get harder, traffic gets fuller... get ready for some major gridlock!
Hip Hop Star
Hip Hop Sta
Hip Hop Star on 05-02-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Use arrows for dane to music
TREBL2 on 01-26-10
avg rating: 0 (of 0 ratings)

Your keyboard is your instrument - can you feel the beat? Test yourself against driving rhythms and complex melodies, and discover awesome new music!
Pianist on 09-23-09
avg rating: 2.3 (of 3 ratings)

Piano simulator. Type the correct letter at the right time when the letters drop.
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Super Crazy
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 on 10-11-07
avg rating: 4.1 (of 74 ratings)

Rhythm game featuring 14 songs from the Newgrounds Audio Portal, 6 guitars and a crazy stickman! Press the right key when it reach the line. Keep up with the beat.
Don't Dance Dance Revolution
Don't Dance
Don't Dance Dance Revolution on 01-18-07
avg rating: 1.4 (of 7 ratings)

Can you keep up with the music. See how quick you are with the keys.

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